Last reviewed 10 May 2021

Developed with the help of industry stakeholders, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has published a Work-related Stress Talking Toolkit for the construction sector.

Available on the HSE website, this highlights that stress, depression and anxiety are the second biggest causes of work-related ill health in the construction industry.

Starting the conversation is, it points out, an important first step in preventing work-related stress and that is the aim of the toolkit.

It is aimed at small businesses with a regular workforce (employed and contracted) who want to start looking at this issue. It will also help site managers wanting to identify project-specific issues.

The new toolkit builds on the industry’s existing initiatives to help promote positive mental health and support those in need. It is designed to be a flexible tool that can be used across the whole industry.

The HSE makes it clear that there is no set format for these conversations nor how they should be conducted. However, it underlines that the importance of remembering that the overall responsibility for managing work-related stress rests with employers who need to ensure that supervisors or site managers are appropriately supported when tackling this issue.