A recent survey has warned that 61% of employees are feeling anxious, distracted or stressed due to the coronavirus, with the main specific issue being stated as worries about job security linked to the virus.

The survey was carried by Inpulse, an employee survey software company which focuses on employee engagement and wellbeing, and the research was carried out on staff in the UK between 13 and 17 March 2020.

  • Nearly two-thirds (61%) of employees said their most common feelings amid the coronavirus pandemic are anxiety, stress or distraction, with job security being the main reason for the emotions.

  • The survey also showed that of the negative and positive emotions employees could choose, just 7% selected “focused” as a top emotion, while “committed” only represented 14% of emotions chosen.

  • Until this point, “committed” represented 21% of all emotions chosen in engagement surveys undertaken by Inpulse clients in 2020. This highlights a 7% decrease since the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Anxiety, stress and distraction have now become dominant emotions among employees, with “anxious” being 28%, “distracted” 22% and “stressed” 11%.

  • On a positive note, 76% of respondents said they have confidence in their business leaders to make the right decisions.

  • Some 82% of employees also said that coronavirus has had an impact on company priorities.

Commenting on the issue, Matt Stephens, CEO of Inpulse, said, “We have never seen these levels of anxiety and stress in ‘normal’ times, it is unprecedented and shows the impact Covid-19 has had on employees’ wellbeing. We typically see high levels of commitment and enthusiasm around employee jobs and their organisations. Sadly, people are now consumed by the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic — and it’s massively impacting their work. This is a catastrophic shift in the emotional landscape of the workplace, and it’s only happened in a matter of days.”

Last reviewed 25 March 2020