Croner-i has been made aware that Cotecna Testing Services have gone into voluntary liquidation in the UK, despite a website to the contrary. They now appear to have no base in the EU as other addresses, and phone numbers, also are not answered or do not ring. Having contacted some of the destination countries, where Cotecna offices are still in full operation, their advice is to contact the destination Cotecna office for guidance. Details of these can be found either from your customer, or appear on the EU Market Access Database for that destination or through Google search.

Cotecna appears to still hold several government contracts. For those where another agent shares the contract, we recommend using the other agent. Where Cotecna alone holds the contract (eg Senegal) then contact Cotecna destination office. We shall continue to monitor this situation and advise of any further changes as soon as informed.

Last reviewed 11 March 2019