Last reviewed 31 December 2021

A record number of UK small businesses are placing sustainability at the heart of their business models, according to the latest government figures.

The latest data released by the Government shows over 2500 SMEs from across the UK have signed up to the Together for our Planet campaign, with commitments to “take small, practical steps to cut their emissions”.

Small Business Minister Paul Scully described it as “truly inspiring to see the UK’s small business community stepping up to meet global challenges”.

“Thanks to the fantastic entrepreneurial spirit of UK business leaders from Penzance to Portree, we’re not only confronting environmental challenges but also making the most of the opportunities that green business presents” Scully added.

From sustainable skin care products to high-tech electric race carts, the diverse range of SMEs committing to greener products and services is growing. Other examples include the following:

  • Midlands-based “Teamworks Karting” which has installed energy saving festive lighting to create an eco-friendly Grotto.

  • London-based fashion company “Been London” switching to electric vehicles to reduce their carbon footprint of deliveries.

  • Edinburgh-based “OONI Pizza” company, working in collaboration across their supply chain on energy efficiency measures to ensure high-quality, long-lasting products for life, not just for New Year celebrations.

The UK’s 5.5 million small businesses make up 99% of the UK’s enterprises, employ 61% of the UK workforce and generate £2.3 trillion of revenue to the economy. A recent report by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) shows that 67% of small businesses have taken steps to reduce energy consumption and 64% have increased recycling. But the report also points out that whilst 56% of small businesses believe the planet is facing a climate crisis, only 30% have made changes to combat climate change.

Founder of Small Business Britain, Michelle Ovens, said: “More and more small businesses are making the important commitment to go net zero by 2050. Those who have not yet done so should check out the government’s SME Climate Hub, to make this pledge and get some fantastic support on their journey to net zero.”

Examples of SMEs going green over this past festive season are available here.