The UK ranks only 10th in global workplace ratings but employers can take six key actions to boost happiness in their workplace.

This is the view of Mark Price, a former government Minister of Trade and MD of UK shopping chain Waitrose, who is also the founder of Engaging Works, a company which focuses on the happiness of workers in organisations in the UK.

Research shows that Austria, The Netherlands, the United States and Germany are all above the UK in rating workplace happiness, with the UK ranking only 10th on the list.

However, according to Engaging Works, there are six key steps employers can take to boost happiness in the workplace as follows.

  1. Reward and recognition: Being fairly paid is a huge concern for everyone and paying a fair salary is essential.

  2. Information sharing: Failing to share information makes employees feel an unimportant part of the business.

  3. Empowerment: Employees need to feel a key part of the decision-making process.

  4. Wellbeing: Focusing on employee wellbeing leads to better productivity, lower rates of absence and employee stress and higher levels of motivation, ie employee health and wellbeing has become a hard economic factor.

  5. Instilling pride: This aspect centres on a sense of purpose and helping employees see that what they do every day is worthwhile, including how the business interacts with the wider world.

  6. Job satisfaction: A high level of employee engagement is the key to unlocking organisational success.

Engaging Works offers a free survey for people to check their workplace happiness score.

Last reviewed 11 January 2019