Last reviewed 30 September 2020

The Senior Traffic Commissioner's statutory documents have been refreshed and updated with the most substantial update being to Statutory Document 6 — vocational driver conduct.

The revised document can be found at

The update follows a consultation on proposed changes to how the Traffic Commissioners determine driver conduct issues.

The changes include: revised entry points with case examples (for instance, route planning and bridge strikes; the approach to abusive behaviour towards officials; and determining cases when drivers fail to attend without notice).

The Senior Traffic Commissioner has also published a summary of responses to the consultation which led to the decision to make amendments.

Available at GOV.UK, this notes that 21 replies were received to the consultation and they indicated broad support for the approach of the Senior Traffic Commissioner.

The revised Statutory Document will now be introduced with effect from 28 September 2020. It will continue to be reviewed regularly to respond to changes in the case law.

It should be noted that the other Statutory Documents (excluding number 13 — small public service vehicle operations) have also been updated.

Many of the (limited) changes relate to bringing the legal position up to date and incorporating recent key Upper Tribunal decisions. Hyperlinks have also been added to improve navigation around the documents and to Upper Tribunal decisions as a result of previous feedback.