The World Green Building Trends 2018: SmartMarket Report has attempted to answer various questions, including how much green buildings can save in operating costs during their first year and which technologies improve building performance. 

This new industry report from Dodge Data & Analytics was produced with support from the American Institute of Architects, the US Green Building Council and the World Green Building Council. The aim was to explore the level of green activity and the impact of green building practices on the operation of businesses, along with looking at possible barriers and challenges.

It indicates that the international market for green construction projects has grown significantly in the last 10 years, with demand for green building activity set to continue growing.

Respondents to the survey for the report included more than 2000 architects, engineers, contractors, owners, specialists/consultants and investors from 86 countries; with 47% of respondents stating that they expect to carry out 60% of their projects as green by 2021, both new commercial construction and green retrofits.

Green buildings deliver measurable benefits for building owners, occupants and the public from reduced operating costs of around 8% in the first year, improved indoor air quality and reduced energy consumption which is good for the public health, the environment and also the bottom line.

CEO of the World Green Building Council commented that green building is seen as a key business benefit and that, globally, it is believed to “have an impact beyond significant environmental benefits, such as increased employee productivity and satisfaction”.

Last reviewed 3 December 2018