Last reviewed 29 June 2022

With nearly 10,000 properties still needing remediation despite the work done since the Grenfell Tower fire, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) is working to overcome the loss of confidence in the fire safety of blocks of flats.

Its Director of Standards and Professional Development, Luay Al-Khatib, has announced that RICS has begun the initial process of consulting with valuers, lenders, the Government, fire engineers, conveyancers and other interested parties to develop guidance to provide a framework for valuing properties with cladding in line with established standards.

A public consultation will follow.

Mr Al-Khatib explained that this publication will differ from the Institution’s 2021 guide, available here, which supports valuers and their lender clients to take a proportionate and consistent approach to instructing EWS1 assessments.

That guidance remains effective and supported by all industry stakeholders that depend on the process, he confirmed.

“With the implementation of the Fire Safety Act and the statutory protections for leaseholders against costs in the Building Safety Act,” Mr Al-Khatib went on, “I anticipate reliance on External Wall System 1 (EWS1) will inevitably fall away completely, with external wall fire risk assessments falling in line of the normal FRA process according to BSI PAS9980 – a standard that RICS helped to create.”