Last reviewed 11 March 2021

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) and DP World are commissioning research to identify the barriers and solutions to the retail industry becoming net zero for vehicle logistics.

The aim is to identify the current challenges facing retailers utilising existing low carbon vehicles, both own fleets and third-party providers, and to reveal the gaps to meeting net zero for vehicle logistics by 2035.

Proposals must be submitted by 16 March with the final report being circulated on 23 April.

The tender document, available — here, explains that this report must include recommendations for addressing current challenges and the gap to net zero.

A short report will set out the immediate and medium-term (10 year) barriers and the possible solutions for the retail industry to decarbonise its vehicle logistics and become net zero for this by 2035.

The report is intended to prompt discussion and guide decision making for the following target audience: retailers; central and local government; logistics providers; and vehicle manufacturers.

The report will need to look at both heavy and light goods vehicles (HGVs and LGVs).

The BRC said: “The UK retail industry was one of the first sectors globally to publish a roadmap to Net Zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions ahead of 2050. The Roadmap identifies the logistics retailers rely on as one of the key challenges to reach net zero, and has set a target of net zero logistics by 2035.”

The Climate Action Roadmap can be found — here.