Last reviewed 5 November 2019

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has issued an updated version of the “report an accident involving a public service vehicle (PSV)” form, otherwise known as PSV 112.

Replacing the previous form with immediate effect, the new version must be used by operators to report any incident involving a PSV if it involves the following:

  • fatalities

  • serious injuries (such as broken bones, damage to major organs or overnight hospitalisation)

  • allegations of a safety defect

  • serious damage as a result of the incident (such as major body or mechanical component damage, which needs specialist recovery and the vehicle being taken out of service to be repaired)

  • a safety critical component failure or history of the same component failing

  • a vehicle catching fire.


This is a legal requirement and the vehicle involved must be driven on the road nor repaired until the DVSA gives permission.

The PSV 112, which can be found at, must also be sent if the police instruct an operator to do so.

On receipt of a completed form, the Agency will confirm if the vehicle needs to be inspected before it is repaired and if they need to carry out an operator visit.

DVSA “earned recognition operators” should however note that they are required to use a different form to report collisions or incidents. DVSA ER112 can be found at