Last reviewed 30 April 2020

Driving for Better Business (DfBB), the Government campaign group for work-related road risk, has warned business drivers that speed limits still apply during the coronavirus pandemic, even when roads are far emptier.

During the lockdown, business drivers will have noticed that traffic patterns are sometimes very different, with fewer vehicles on the road.

The temptation to drive faster in these conditions can be there, as business drivers respond to the far emptier roads.

However, DfBB recently warned employers and their drivers via social media to remember that speed limits continue to apply and are still being enforced.

A source at the campaign group said, “Now is the time to drive more cautiously to prevent further burden on emergency services.”

This message was echoed by Camden Police Force which commented, “During the lockdown we have seen an increase in speeding, with 151mph being the highest recorded… in the capital recently.

“Sadly there have been 8 recorded road deaths in London since 23 March. We all must avoid putting unnecessary strain on the NHS.”