Last reviewed 16 November 2020

Health and safety campaigners have urged shoppers to be respectful and considerate as the second national lockdown in England continues to get underway in November 2020, with a reminder that abuse of those retail staff still working, which doubled during the first lockdown, is not “part of the job”.

The request was made by the trade union Usdaw as it urged customers to follow five key rules and respect shopworkers, shopping in a considerate manner, as follows.

  1. Shop for essentials only and alone if possible.

  2. Queue patiently and maintain social distancing.

  3. Follow instructions inside and outside shops.

  4. Observe all necessary hygiene measures and pay by card if you can.

  5. Be respectful to shop staff and other customers.

Commenting on the issue of abuse of retail staff, Paddy Lillis, Usdaw’s General Secretary, said, “Regrettably the first lockdown saw instances of abuse towards shopworkers double and we are absolutely clear that ‘abuse is not part of the job'. Retail staff are key workers delivering essential services and that role must be valued and respected. It is not the responsibility of shopworkers to enforce the rules, it is up to the public to follow them.

“With infections rising we understand why the Government is imposing new restrictions, but customers need to play their part. They should wear a face covering in store, observe social distancing, shop alone if possible, only buy essential items and pay by card if they can. It is important that we all work together in these difficult times to help the country through this appalling pandemic.”