Last reviewed 7 February 2022

Between August and October 2021, the Department for Education (DfE) ran a public consultation seeking views on the proposed revisions to the Teaching Regulation Agency’s guidance “Teacher misconduct: the prohibition of teachers”.

The proposed revisions aimed to provide clarification on the factors relating to decisions leading to the prohibition of teachers from the teaching profession.

Taking account of the feedback received, the guidance has now been revised with the latest edition available here.

The DfE has now launched another consultation, applying to England only, which seeks views on proposed changes to the teacher misconduct arrangements operated by the Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA) on behalf of the Secretary of State for Education.

The Education Act 2002 (amended by the Education Act 2011) gives responsibility to the Secretary of State to regulate teachers’ conduct and to hold a list of teachers who have been prohibited from teaching.

With a deadline for responses of 14 March 2022, full details of the consultation can be found here.

It sets out a number of proposals to broaden the scope of the teacher misconduct provisions to include:

  • persons who commit misconduct when not employed as a teacher but who have previously carried out teaching work

  • a wider range of education settings

  • enabling the Secretary of State to consider referrals of serious teacher misconduct regardless of how the matter comes to their attention.