Last reviewed 3 September 2021

The Government has issued guidance to operators on the types of journeys they will need to register online if they transport goods within the European Economic Area (EEA), using a car and trailer, van or heavy goods vehicle (HGV) next year.

Coming into effect from 2 February 2022, the new rules are available – here, and will apply to journeys being made to the 27 EU Member States plus the three countries which are also in the EEA: Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

“You must register the journey if you transport goods between two points in the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway for hire or reward,” the guidance states. “This means that you load goods at one point and unload them at another point in any of those countries.”

This includes: cabotage jobs; cross-trade jobs; and moving goods for the operator’s own business’ use.

The guidance also covers the documents European countries might ask for, those that drivers will need to carry and the information that operators will need to provide when they register a journey.

Journeys that will not need to be registered

There will be no need to register the journey if it is:

  • using a vehicle not carrying goods

  • from the UK to one place in Europe, where goods can be both unloaded and loaded

  • from the UK to Europe, and goods are unloaded at more than one place in Europe (but goods cannot be loaded in Europe)

  • from Europe to the UK, and goods are loaded at more than one place in Europe (but goods cannot be unloaded in Europe)

  • from the UK to a non-European country (but goods cannot be loaded or unloaded while the vehicle is in in Europe).

The online registration service is being developed by the EU. Email alerts letting operators know when this is available can be set up – here.