Last reviewed 9 October 2019

The Member States in the REACH Committee have unanimously agreed to a Commission proposal amending the compliance check target of registration dossiers in REACH from 5% to 20%.

A recent review of REACH compliance found that since the implementation of REACH while industry has submitted more than 90,000 dossiers, in about one third of the dossiers checked by the ECHA the information did not meet the requirements specified in REACH. Therefore, the Commission and ECHA developed an Evaluation Action Plan, with the increase of dossiers checked for compliance as the first action.

Under the requirements of the current REACH Regulation, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) must check at least 5% of the registration dossiers of each tonnage band. To encourage dossier compliance, the Commission has proposed to raise the minimum target for compliance checks to 20%. Member States in the REACH Committee agreed to the proposal unanimously.

After a scrutiny period of three months by the European Parliament and the Council, the Commission can adopt the proposal.

Under the new minimum target, the ECHA will aim to check 20% of dossiers for substances registered in very high volumes (over 100 tonnes per year) by 2023, and 20% of dossiers for substances registered in lower volumes (1-100 tonnes per year), covering approximately 30% of all registered substances by 2027.