This year's Queen's Speech in the House of Lords has confirmed that the Government will bring forward proposals to reform adult social care in England.

Her Majesty the Queen announced a package of 26 proposed bills for the year ahead and said: “My Government will bring forward proposals to reform adult social care in England to ensure dignity in old age.”

The Queen also announced: “My ministers will continue work to reform the Mental Health Act to improve respect for and care of those receiving treatment. Measures will also be brought forward to support and strengthen the NHS, its workforce and resources enabling it to deliver the highest quality care”.

In response, opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn said that, with no majority government to drive forward legislation: “The 2017 Queen’s Speech promised and I quote 'My ministers will work to improve social care and will bring forward proposals'. Today we have the same promise, after two years of inaction and failure. With 87 people dying every day while they wait for social care that is not provided. The PM promised that this Queen’s Speech would dazzle us; on closer inspection Mr Speaker it is nothing more than fool’s gold.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: "Let's get on with the proposals, with the measures announced in this Queen's Speech."

Independent Age Chief Executive Deborah Alsina said: “The sector has been waiting for more than 20 years to see reform to social care in England. Independent Age believes that free personal care for older people must be part of that solution.”

Carers UK Chief Executive Helen Walker responded: “With every day that passes, fewer older and disabled people are receiving the quality care they need from our social care system and an increasing number of family members are picking up the pieces. We urge the Government to bring forward their proposals for social care reform at the earliest opportunity."

Responding to the announcement, Local Government Association (LGA) Community Wellbeing Board Chairman Cllr Ian Hudspeth said: “Today’s Queen’s Speech announcement that the Government will finally bring forward proposals to reform adult social care is something which the LGA has long been campaigning for, but we look forward to seeing the details."

He said councils are committed to ensuring adults of all ages have access to high quality care and support who need it, but added that "rising costs and demand pressures mean incredibly difficult decisions are having to be made about this vital service".

He added that while extra funding for social care next year is helpful, what is needed is "action and certainty to secure care and support for the long-term, for all those who use and work in social care".

Chancellor Sajid Javid announced that the Budget will take place on 6 November.

Last reviewed 15 October 2019