A specialist parcels carrier has launched a new initiative to improve the health and safety of its drivers and depot workers using new technology and systems.

The health and safety campaign, “Think Safety First”, has rolled out nationwide across all 37 depots of the delivery company Tuffnells.

Key features of the campaign include:

  • A new fleet of 14 network trailers with additional safety features, cargo nets and vehicle cameras. (The cargo safety-nets on the massive trailer vehicles are designed to provide protection against falling packages and parcels.)

  • New Linde counterbalance forklifts and Linde P250 tow tractors, which will allow for more heavyweight freight to be moved safely around depots.

  • Retro-fitting of all older vehicles with dash-cams.

Commenting on the company’s initiative, Gary Fox, Health & Safety Director at Tuffnells, said, “Safety is something we take very seriously at Tuffnells and through this campaign we want to ensure safety is something that is front of mind for all…

“For us, safety is not just about protecting our drivers, which is something we take very seriously, but it’s also about taking care with parcels and freight, which is why many of our vehicles are now equipped with cargo safety nets designed to stop parcels from falling and moving in transit.

“Think Safety First is not just a one-off campaign but rather it’s a journey designed to accentuate the quality of our safety management system and the role Tuffnells’ colleagues play in this…”

Last reviewed 10 May 2019