Last reviewed 23 July 2021

A new government campaign has been launched across England to remind the public of the importance of continuing healthy behaviours in order to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

Everyone is being urged to continue letting fresh air into enclosed spaces, to take up the offer of twice-weekly free testing, to wash their hands and to book both doses of their vaccine.

The campaign includes a new film, narrated by TV doctor and practising GP Dr Amir Khan.

The message encourages the public to meet outside if they can, let fresh air in when inside, wear a face covering in crowded places, check-in to venues and test regularly, even if they have been vaccinated.

Health and Social Care Secretary, Sajid Javid, said: “This new campaign highlights the importance of continuing to follow the simple actions we have become accustomed to, such as practicing good hygiene and letting in fresh air wherever possible”.

He pointed out that, whilst data from Public Health England (PHE) estimates that the vaccination programme in England has prevented over 11 million infections and saved almost 37,000 lives, around one in three people who have Covid-19 have no symptoms and could be spreading the virus without knowing.

Mr Javid was encouraged by a study of over 3000 adults in England, with over three-quarters saying that they will continue to wear face masks when in crowded spaces, 81% will practice social distancing where possible and 83% saying they will continue to wash hands thoroughly and often.

Dr Khan said: “If you have the virus, its particles bind to you; these particles are spread while you talk, exhale, eat, or perform other normal daily activities – which makes continuing to carry out these simple actions so important.”

His film is available here.