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Public estate efficiency drive


The Cabinet Office has announced that a further 79 councils will join the Government’s One Public Estate Programme, bringing the total number of participating councils to 255. This represents almost three-quarters of councils in England. The Cabinet Office has a target of 95% of councils to be on the programme by 2018.

The programme, which was launched in 2013, aims to create a more efficient use of public sector land and property by supporting joint working across central and local government on land and property initiatives and by creating more joined-up public services to local communities. It encourages public sector partners to share buildings, transform services, reduce running costs, and release surplus and under-used land for development.

By 2019/20, the programme is expected to create 44,000 jobs, release land for 25,000 homes, raise £415 million in capital receipts from land and property sales, and cut running costs by £98 million.

Minister for the Cabinet Office, Ben Gummer, said: “Through this groundbreaking programme, local councils can transform services, unlock significant local growth and crucial efficiency savings through smarter use of property and land.”

Last reviewed 13 February 2017

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You are viewing free content from a subscription product

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