Last reviewed 16 July 2019

East Sussex County Council has announced that, with effect from Thursday 25 July 2019, Eastbourne Coachways will be stopping their bus and coach services.

This follows a decision by the Traffic Commissioner to withdraw the firm’s PSV operator’s licence, having investigated concerns relating to business links between Eastbourne Coachways and Renown Transport Services.

The latter company cancelled its bus services in October 2018, without giving the required amount of notice to the Traffic Commissioner, and has since gone into administration.

Following competitive tendering, services previously operated by Renown have since been contracted by East Sussex County Council to Eastbourne Coachways.

However, the County Council had already highlighted that it would be necessary to review these services again in 2019, as the cost of funding services in the Bexhill area has increased considerably in recent years.

The Council had anticipated that the cost of the new services would increase further, which has proven to be the case. It has therefore taken action to secure replacement services, having received competitive bids from alternative bus operators.

The new services, which are being contracted to Stagecoach, will not be as comprehensive as the current Eastbourne Coachways ones, the local authority said.

“The new services will follow the principles of the County Council’s needs-based public transport commissioning strategy by providing journeys that are used for work and education, as well as allowing residents access to key centres during the day,” it said in a statement. “The strategy recognises that cuts in the core grant from central Government to East Sussex do not allow us to meet all demands for bus services.”