Last reviewed 30 November 2021

Data published by the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) on 25 November have provided further evidence that the Covid-19 vaccines are safe for pregnant women.

Medical experts are now urging pregnant women to get their Covid-19 vaccine as soon as possible, as UK safety data have shown that catching Covid-19 carries a far higher risk than having the vaccine.

The UKHSA said vaccination continues to be the best way expectant mothers can protect themselves and their babies.

Pregnant women aged 40 and over, who are health or social care workers, or are in an at-risk group, are now also eligible for booster vaccines six months after their second dose.

Currently only 22% of women who gave birth in August were vaccinated, and of the pregnant women in hospital with symptomatic Covid-19, 98% are unvaccinated.

The data show the vaccines have good birth outcomes and no fully vaccinated pregnant women were admitted to intensive care with Covid-19 in England between February and the end of September 2021. Vaccinated women who had their babies up to August this year had good birth outcomes, with no consistent differences between them and all women in the figures for stillbirths, low baby birth weights and premature births.

The Government announced that the data are reassuring and show that the vaccines continue to be the best way for pregnant women to keep themselves and their babies safe from this virus.