A new report from facilities management company, Mace, has revealed that poorly built workplaces are costing the economy around £4 billion per annum in lost economic output. According to Mace’s research, this is because a fifth of UK workers experience two unproductive hours per week owing to poor or inadequate office and work environments.

The research indicates that the age group most affected by poor design is 18–24-year-olds, with 25% of respondents saying they are unproductive for as many as eight hours per month.

Procurement, People and Productivity — A New Dawn for the Workplace lists the factors that contribute to poor quality workplaces including a lack of natural light, distracting noise and colleagues, and insufficient coffee- and tea-making facilities.

Mace claims that reviewing workplace design and developing smart buildings to respond to employees’ needs and to ensure they benefit staff wellbeing could have a “dramatic impact” on productivity; and the bottom line since previous research shows that happy workers increase productivity by 12% whereas unhappy workers decrease productivity by 10%.

Last reviewed 3 December 2018