Last reviewed 6 May 2020

Public Health England (PHE) has published A Consensus on Healthy Ageing to set out its shared commitments on healthy ageing, and to demonstrate leadership on entering the World Health Organisation’s Decade of Healthy Ageing, 2020 to 2030.

PHE, together with the Centre for Ageing Better and partner organisations across the country, have developed this consensus statement on healthy ageing, setting out a vision for making England "the best place in the world to grow old". The initiative was created and supported by a range of organisations across national and local government, charity and voluntary organisations, public health, academics and the NHS.

PHE's document states that, currently, too many people spend a significant proportion of their later life in poor health, or managing a disability which could have been prevented, and there are huge inequalities in healthy and disability-free life expectancy across the country. It added: "These years spent in ill health are not inevitable, and many of the factors that cause people to age differently can be prevented or the impact mitigated through public health interventions".

The signatories have committed to the following.

  • Putting prevention first and ensuring timely access to services and support when needed.

  • Removing barriers and creating more opportunities for older adults to contribute to society.

  • Ensuring good homes and communities to help people remain healthy, active and independent in later life.

  • Narrowing inequalities in years of life lived in good health between richer and poorer people, between different population groups and between different areas of the country; focusing efforts on those most at risk.

  • Challenging ageist and negative language, culture and practices wherever they occur, in both policy and practice.

PHE said delivering the vision is everyone’s responsibility, with over 60 organisations already showing leadership by signing up to the statement. Action by people, communities, national government, local authorities, the NHS, the research community, businesses, employers and voluntary and community organisations will help provide everyone with the opportunities and support they need to have a healthy and fulfilling later life.

The document is available at: