Last reviewed 1 November 2019

The Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) has published two new documents.

The documents are:

The response to the informal consultation identified the following common themes.

  • No “showstoppers” were identified by respondents and none advocated major changes to the draft guidance. Most responses were detailed and technical in nature.

  • A number of respondents identified issues of interpretation. This occurred as a result of a formatting error in the final branding of the draft guidance prior to the launch of the consultation.

  • No contradictory responses were identified. However, some respondents (including duty holders) highlighted concerns about duties placed on carriers in relation to emergency response and notification of incidents despite these duties having existed since the regulations were previously amended in 2011.

  • A number of respondents commented on matters outside the scope of the ONR non-statutory guidance such as the scope and content of the regulations themselves.

Overall, the responses to the consultation have helped to shape the non-statutory guidance by making it more user friendly and improving the clarity and focus in a number of areas. In particular, ONR has highlighted the need for emergency planning to be proportionate to the scale of the radiation emergency that may occur during the transport of class 7 goods.