The OECD has published a document setting out its work on chemical safety and biosafety that lists OECD tools that can already be used to assist with safety and risk assessment.

OECD tools listed in the report include:

  • eChemPortal: free public access to information on properties of chemicals

  • QSAR Toolbox: used to fill gaps in (eco)toxicity data needed for assessing the hazards of chemicals

  • BioTrack online: access to food/feed/ environment safety information for those genetically engineered products that have been approved for commercialisation (use for crops and/or food and feed processing)

  • OECD environmental risk assessment toolkit: outlines the workflow for environmental risk assessment and management of chemicals

  • IOMC toolkit for decision-making in chemicals management: enables countries to identify the most relevant and efficient tools to address specific national problems in chemicals management.

Also covered is information on the safety of manufactured nanomaterials and how to prevent and respond to chemical accidents.

Last reviewed 6 June 2019