Last reviewed 2 September 2019

New analysis of the Government’s planned transport spending shows that, unless investment in the Northern Powerhouse goes ahead, London is set to receive almost three times more per person than the North.

According to work carried out by think tank IPPR North, the difference will be seven times more per person in the capital than in Yorkshire and the Humber or the North East.

While London will receive £3636 per person, the North can expect just £1247 per person and, within that overall figure, Yorkshire and the Humber will see only £511, the North East £519 and the North West £2062 per person.

These statistics do not include Northern Powerhouse Rail or recent overspend on Crossrail, which were not included in the National Infrastructure and Construction Pipeline, the list of the Government’s planned infrastructure projects between now and 2033 on which the analysis is based.

Luke Raikes, Senior Research Fellow at IPPR North said: “These figures show that the Prime Minister must urgently follow through on his promises to invest in northern transport infrastructure and devolve power to the North’s leaders.”

IPPR North also found that the transport spending gap between the capital and the North grew over the last decade.

Spending increased by 2.5 times more per person on London than on the North. In fact, if the North had received the same transport spending per person as London over the last decade, it would have received £66 billion more than it did.