Last reviewed 23 June 2022

In April we reported on what the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) described as the sector’s growing professional indemnity (PI) insurance crisis (see Industry views sought on professional indemnity insurance crisis).

The CLC has now confirmed that limited availability of PI insurance and costly premiums are continuing to harm construction businesses and limiting the ability of firms to work on building safety remediation.

According to the second annual survey from the CLCl’s PII Group, there has been no real easing in the PII cover available to the profession since the group carried out its first survey a year ago.

Details of the 2022 survey, which received 652 responses, can be found at

It found that, although high-rise residential work represents just 5% or less of workload for two-thirds of firms, many are still suffering from increased premiums and excess levels, coupled with wide-ranging exclusions on cover.

The CLC Group is particularly concerned that the situation is having a disproportionate effect on the ability of SMEs to take on work where cover for fire safety is required, to pay their premiums and to meet their claim excess in the event of a claim.

Samantha Peat, managing director, Wren Managers and chairwoman of the CLC PII Group, said: “The market conditions for PII cover remain extremely tough for construction firms, particularly SMEs, and in the light of energy price rises and materials inflation, these are worrying times. The CLC PII Group will continue to work with Government and insurers to try and ease the situation.”