The Government has launched a consultation until February 2019 on its proposed updated school security guidance.

The guidance warns that although schools “continue to be among the safest places to be, no school can afford to ignore the risk and impact of having to deal with a range of security-related incidents”.

Therefore, the new guidance, which would be non-statutory, would provide schools with a range of information and tools to help them develop “sensible and proportionate policies and plans to meet their security needs”.

The advice includes suggesting that schools should:

  • review their invacuation/evacuation procedures

  • give all staff appropriate training

  • screen all pupils, staff and visitors for prohibited items

  • work with police and other local security networks to compile a security plan

  • explore “effective building controls”, such as barriers to block vehicles or perimeter fencing

  • consider introducing emergency lockdown protocols and voice alarm systems, for example, to counter terrorist attacks.

The document also warns that security risk assessments should “extend beyond the estate” due to the “increase likelihood of an external incident having an impact on the school”.

Last reviewed 4 December 2018