Last reviewed 28 July 2020

Transport for West Midlands is launching a 10-week consultation on its Enhanced Partnership Plan and Scheme (EPPS) designed to transform bus services across the region.

The EPPS has been brought together by Transport for West Midlands, local authorities, bus operators, transport and passenger bodies, and various stakeholders.

It is intended to play a key role in ensuring public transport across the region in the future is joined-up, cost-effective and easy to use.

Chief Executive of Bus Users, Claire Walters, who chairs the EPPS, said: “The EPPS is more important than ever as people slowly return to public transport after months of lockdown. It’s vital that those who live and work in the region let us know what they think, so we can make sure future transport in the West Midlands genuinely meets the needs of the communities it serves.”

The deadline for submitting responses to the consultation, which can be made online at, is 13 September 2020.

The consultation document, which is available at, explains that the Bus Services Act 2017 offers new powers and opportunities to bring together local authorities and bus operators in an Enhanced Partnership (EP) to develop a co-ordinated approach to improving bus travel in the West Midlands.

An EP is a formal agreement between local transport authorities and local bus operators to work together to improve local bus services.

It provides a legally binding commitment on all parties that will ensure delivery of their vision for better bus travel.

Following the consultation, the EP Partners, including operators, will consider how the proposed European Parliament Plan and Scheme need to change to reflect the feedback.