Last reviewed 11 March 2021

The not-for-profit Fire Sector Federation (FSF) has drawn attention to a newly-published national list of fire risk assessors.

This can be found on the FSF website and includes registrants from all published registers including from the Institute of Fire Prevention Officers (IFPO), the Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE) and the Fire Risk Assessors Certification Scheme (FRACS).

Bob Docherty, Chairman of the Technical and Skills Competency and Young Professional Subgroups at the FSF, said: “This is a major achievement for the Institute as we have always campaigned for a national register of fire risk assessors from when we first set up our initial register”.

He highlights that the register is still a work in progress but that there are plans to make revisions automatic so that it will be regularly updated.

The Fire Sector Federation was established in June 2012 and acts as a forum for the discussion of fire-related issues of interest to its membership and a central source of information on all aspects relating to fire.