Last reviewed 11 May 2021

Care providers are being encouraged to join in and support the National Day of Arts in Care Homes, which will take place on 24 September this year.

Care providers will be invited to join in by organising an event and/or sharing stories about activities they have developed and delivered over the last year.

The organisers of National Day of Arts in Care Homes are working to continue to raise awareness of the importance of “creative health” in care settings and also how this has been of great significance during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The organisers said there continued to be a wealth of creative activities taking place during lockdown, and they hoped to provide communities with an opportunity to share these positive stories involving residents, care provision and community partnerships.

Arts and cultural organisations are also being invited to share how they have been working with care homes. More information on this is here.

The results of a consultation on embedding culture and creativity in care homes, funded by the Baring Foundation and supported by Care England and the National Care Forum, will also be announced in the hope that it will be the start of a national conversation on what it would take to better support creative ageing in care settings.

Further information about Arts in Care Homes is available on its website at, on Twitter @Artsincarehomes, and National Day of Arts in Care Homes #AICH2021

Information about last year’s event can be found here.