Last reviewed 22 February 2021

As the Prime Minister appointed the man in charge of Brexit negotiations, Lord Frost, to a Cabinet post in charge of future relations with the Union, the International Trade Committee launched an inquiry into the implementation of the trade provisions of the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA).

The inquiry will explore the experiences of businesses and other stakeholders in the UK regarding implementation of the TCA’s trade provisions and look at how effectively the UK-EU trade relationship is being managed through the mechanisms under the Agreement.

The Committee will also examine the impact of the Agreement, now and in the future, on the UK’s wider trade policy — including in relation to trade with non-EU countries.

Finally, it will consider how the implementation of the Agreement — along with the wider UK-EU trade relationship — is likely to evolve.

Committee Chairman Angus Brendan MacNeil said: “Since the new arrangements for UK-EU trade began at the turn of the year, numerous reports have shown that businesses and consumers are experiencing a range of difficulties. My Committee will be exploring these issues, including their impact on particular industries – not least those concerned with exporting perishable foodstuffs.”

The Committee will want to know how the UK-EU Agreement could affect UK trade with non-EU countries, including how it might impact the Department for International Trade’s ongoing trade negotiations.

It will begin by hearing directly from national business organisations together with representatives from the poultry and fisheries sectors.