Last reviewed 29 April 2021

Three-fifths of UK workers (60%) intend to make changes to their careers as a result of the Covid outbreak, an increase of 7% since July 2020.

The research, conducted by Aviva, reveals changes range from the relatively minor, such as learning new skills or gaining further qualifications, to switching career path completely.

The proportion of workers intending to find a completely different vocation has increased from 7% to 9%, Aviva found, while those planning to take on a role which helps others has risen from 6% to 8%.

While these increases may appear to be relatively small, it points out that they account for nearly 700,000 additional workers in both cases.

As in July 2020, the most popular change which people would like to introduce to their occupation is the ability to work from home. This figure has stayed static at 10%, suggesting that homeworking has proved a benefit of the pandemic for some.

The desire to work from home still appears to be strongest in London where one in six (16%) workers intend to find a role which will allow them to work remotely.

According to Aviva, people aged under 25 are most likely to want to make changes to their work plans in the next 12 months as a result of the pandemic, with 87% re-evaluating their careers.

Under-25s are more likely than any other age group to want a role where they can work from home (13%) and they are also the age group most likely to be seeking a job which helps others (13%).