Last reviewed 11 October 2021

Local and central government representatives, bus manufacturers, transport operators and energy providers recently came together to discuss how to speed up the introduction of zero emission buses across the country.

The Zero Emission Bus Summit, which was organised by the Campaign for Better Transport (CBT) in partnership with Transport for London (TfL), brought together the key players needed to deliver a greener, better bus network to help transform UK towns, cities and rural areas.

The Government’s National Bus Strategy aims to increase bus use and accelerate the adoption of zero emission vehicles but it relies on local authorities and operators working together to deliver a better and greener bus network and, after more than a decade of funding and service cuts, it was noted at the summit that many local authorities no longer have the capacity or capability to deliver these objectives on their own.

The CBT is thus calling for more support from central government in the form of additional funding, help to build the capabilities of local authorities, the accelerated roll-out of charging infrastructure and more ways to encourage people to choose the bus to ensure the aims of the National Bus Strategy become a reality.

For the campaign group, Silviya Barrett said: “Only by sharing knowledge and skills and working together, including targeted funding from government, can we achieve the clean, affordable and regular bus network the country needs to ensure more people use buses and leave their cars at home.”

Buses are already one of the most environmentally friendly ways to travel, she went on, and a zero-emission fleet will make them even greener, further reducing carbon emissions and air pollution.