If the Attorney General comes back from Brussels with enough changes to the Irish backstop to satisfy Parliament’s Brexiteers then the Prime Minister’s agreement with the EU may be finally passed and no-deal contingency arrangements will not be needed.

As no one can rely on that, however, the Department of Transport (DfT) has to continue with its plans for keeping trade moving between the UK and the continent after 29 March 2019.

As we have already reported (see Time running out to get road haulage permits), it has several times reminded UK freight transport companies operating in the EU that they should consider applying for a European Conference of Ministers of Transport (ECMT) permit.

Unfortunately, the supply of these permits is limited and, in November 2018, the DfT confirmed that it could provide, for this year, just 984 annual permits for Euro VI emission vehicles, 2592 monthly permits for Euro VI emission vehicles and 240 monthly permits for Euro V or VI emission vehicles.

Not surprisingly, the number of applications far outweighed this relatively small supply.

The DfT has just announced (see GOV.UK website) that it has secured a further issue of permits. There are now:

  • 1320 Euro VI annual permits

  • 290 Euro V annual permits

  • 3733 Euro VI short-term permits (valid for 30 days)

  • 1080 Euro V short-term permits (valid for 30 days).

These are only open to applicants who did not apply in the previous window to give operators with only Euro V vehicles a chance to apply for permits.

When allocating permits, all the applications from this application window and the previous application window will be considered. Therefore, operators who applied previously should not apply again.

The deadline for these latest applications is 23:59 on 16 March.

Last reviewed 7 March 2019