Last reviewed 10 August 2021

Latest NHS Digital figures on appointments in General Practice have shown that practices in England carried out 31.1 million recorded patient appointments in June 2021.

Estimated appointment numbers include 4.2 million Covid vaccines delivered by practices or primary care trusts (PCNs).

The numbers of appointments were slightly fewer than in May, when GP practices saw 31.5 million patients, although these figures included 7.5 million Covid-19 vaccinations.

The data, which are produced monthly, showed that non-vaccination appointments were up by 3.5 million in June compared to May 2020 and by 3.6 million compared to pre-pandemic June 2019.

More than 14 million patients were seen by GPs throughout June. Other practice team members covered 11.8 million appointments with the majority of consultations taking place in person.

Just over 15 million patients were seen face-to-face while 10.6 million had telephone appointments.

The data also reveal that there were 161,689 home visits and 109,412 online consultations, and that 45.6% of appointments took place on the same day as they were booked.

British Medical Association (BMA) GP Committee Chair Dr Richard Vautrey said the data showed GPs “continue to be under immense pressure” and warned that with “growing demand”, the NHS’s “large backlog” and “looking forward to what looks to be an incredibly difficult winter”, GP practices are “in clear need of support”.

NHS Digital’s figures for June 2021 are available here.