Last reviewed 1 September 2020

Bus and coach passenger charity Bus Users has welcomed new research from Greener Journeys that demonstrates the impact investment in bus services would have on the social and economic recovery of the UK.

Dedicated to encouraging more sustainable travel, Greener Journeys has called on the Government to change its messaging around public transport and encourage people to use the bus.

Maximising the Benefits of Local Bus Services can be found at

According to research carried out for Greener Journeys by KPMG, £2 billion of investment in bus services would result in 425 million new bus journeys a year, and every £1 of investment would deliver nearly £4.50 of wider benefits to society.

As a starting point to this analysis, KPMG developed a set of new econometric models to compare levels of bus use between local authority areas across Britain.

The models allowed it to benchmark observed levels of demand in each local authority area against levels of demand that it would expect to see given the socio-economic characteristics of those areas.

It then identified three local authority areas for more detailed case study analysis in the report: Bristol, Hull and Cornwall.

Dawn Badminton-Capps, Bus Users Director for England, said: “The negative messaging around public transport throughout the Covid-19 crisis has encouraged people into private vehicles. This could have a devastating and lasting impact on public transport that will leave communities isolated, and see congestion and pollution in our towns and cities rise even further.”