Last reviewed 21 October 2019

New best practice guidance on managing toileting and bladder and bowel issues in nurseries and other educational establishments has been published by ERIC and Bladder and Bowel UK.

The charities have produced practical information for nurseries, schools and colleges giving advice on:

  • how to promote good bladder and bowel health

  • hygiene standards and provision of toilets

  • managing incontinence

  • national legislation for the four countries of the UK

  • safeguarding

  • continence policy and care plans.

The guidance has been produced in response to requests from families, schools and health care professionals and is available as downloadable resources and a short film.

Continence conditions are among the most common health issues affecting children - in excess of 900,000 children in the UK suffer bowel and bladder difficulties. Growing numbers of children are also starting school still wearing nappies and this places a huge burden on teachers both in time and resources.

Juliette Rayner, CEO of ERIC, said:

“We hope this guidance will raise awareness of the prevalence and range of different continence conditions, encourage positive action between school and home whilst providing information and strategies for preventing and managing bladder and bowel conditions in educational settings.”