Last reviewed 12 April 2021

Local councils have given the green light for a new plastic waste recycling plant to be built in Cheshire.

Plastics recycling firm, Enviroo, has received planning approval for a new £20 million PET (polyethylene terephthalate) recycling facility at the Protos energy and resources site at Ellesmere Port.

The company specialises in recycling 100% PET, the main material used for food and drinks packaging such as plastic bottles, and converting it into the raw material for new food-grade packaging, without any waste.

Chief Executive and Founder, Ahmed Detta, said: “After a positive consultation with the community, we now look forward to being able to get down to business and deal with plastic waste here on our shores and, importantly, help to create a greener north-west.

“Our first facility will hopefully be one of many as Enviroo looks to provide a solution for packaging manufacturers which are preparing for the upcoming plastic tax legislation. Our facilities will provide the recycled PET that manufacturers need in their products while reducing the amount of virgin plastic.”

Investor confidence in plastics recycling is growing following the government’s recent commitment to tax plastic products with less than 30% recycled content, which is expected to boost the demand for recycled PET.

Enviroo’s PET recycling facility will be built at the new 30-acre Plastic Park at Protos, run by Peel L&P Environmental which could see more than £165 million invested in clustering together plastic recycling and treatment technologies.

Jayne Hennessy, Development Manager at Peel NRE, part of Peel L&P, said: "Less than one third of all plastic waste in the UK is recycled. We are creating the UK’s first Plastic Park at Protos which will increase recycling rates, reduce landfill and the export of waste. This will be done by clustering together different technologies, including Enviroo’s PET recycling facility, and the plastic to hydrogen facility also consented at Protos.”

Enviroo plans to reprocess around 25,000 tonnes a year of PET through a washing and extrusion process which it claims can recycle 100% of the material it receives.