Last reviewed 22 February 2021

The Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Michael Gove, has confirmed that Logistics UK has been invited to become a member of the Brexit Business Taskforce, a group of businesses, leading business organisations and trade associations which meets weekly to discuss the challenges of trading with the EU after Brexit.

“Logistics UK’s constructive engagement and advocacy in tackling issues relating to the end of the transition period has been vital in supporting hauliers, traders and their supply chains adjust to our new relationship with the EU,” he said.

Mr Gove also announced the setting up of a £20 million SME Brexit Support Fund to help small businesses with changes to trade rules with the EU.

Smaller firms who trade only with the EU, and who are therefore new to importing and exporting processes, will be encouraged to apply for grants of up to £2000 for each trader that will pay for practical support, including training and professional advice, to ensure they can continue working effectively with EU Member States.

David Wells, Chief Executive of Logistics UK, welcomed this additional support and agreed that it would help SMEs make sure they can adapt and succeed in the new trading environment.

“I’m delighted that the Government has recognised the importance of logistics to our economy,” he went on, “and the critical role it plays in our future trading relationships with the EU, by inviting Logistics UK to represent the sector on the Brexit Business Taskforce, alongside the other major business groups in the UK.”