Last reviewed 11 May 2022

At a recent public inquiry, it was found that a named transport manager had never performed any of the required duties and responsibilities necessary to fulfil the role. He had therefore failed to download tachograph data, had not ensured vehicles were given safety inspections at stated six-week intervals, had failed to ensure brake tests were carried out and had not ensured that safety inspection records were completed correctly.

In fact, Traffic Commissioner Nick Denton was told at the public inquiry that Alan Austin did not have a contract with the operator and had not received any payment for his services.

However, by remaining on the licence as a transport manager, he had enabled the operator to display the outward sign of professional competence when no such professional competence existed.

Not surprisingly, the operator was found to lack professional competence with maintenance practices appearing to be stuck in the 1970s and not reflecting modern day requirements. There was a complete lack of drivers’ hours supervision, and the transport manager was not aware of the need to check driver entitlement.

As a result, the standard national licence held by Terry Northwood was revoked for 12 months with immediate effect and he was told that, if he ever wishes to re-enter the industry after his disqualification period ends, he must first attend an operator licence management training course and engage the services of a competent and reputable transport manager.

Mr Austin lost his good repute as a transport manager and was disqualified, with immediate effect and indefinitely, from acting in that capacity on any operator’s licence.

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