Ofsted’s Annual Report 2018 has raised a number of concerns, among them the plight of children who are being “left behind” owing to poor social mobility.

Therefore, the Chief Inspector of Ofsted, Amanda Spielman, has called on the Government to “redouble” its efforts to tackle the challenge of children “for whom it seems the die is cast, even before entering nursery, and who never catch up in 12 years of schooling”. She added that wealth “remains a predictor, albeit a weaker one, of educational performance”.

Ms Spielman believes that getting the basics right is the best way to address such inequalities in education as there is no “magic potion”. She highlighted that the percentage of children on free school meals who reach the expected standard on the phonics screening check is 12% lower than their most affluent peers.

Ofsted also warned that the gap in performance and outcomes for children with SEND is widening between the best and worst local areas and that “attainment, progress and aspiration” in coastal towns and white working class communities are “too low”.

Last reviewed 12 December 2018