Last reviewed 3 June 2021

The Road Haulage Association (RHA) has called on Kent County Council (KCC) to end its recently introduced temporary ban on lorry parking in large parts of the county.

It notes that the temporary parking ban was introduced to deal with the worries about lorries parking up inappropriately in Kent due to potential delays caused by Brexit.

However, the RHA has highlighted, the council is now seeking to make this ban permanent, despite promises from both the KCC and the Government that the parking restrictions would be lifted after six months.

The council is currently running a consultation asking for views on making the restrictions permanent.

Available at, the consultation does not explain, the RHA points out, why legally allowed lorry parking is essential for drivers and operators.

It has drafted a reply to the consultation, available at, and encourages all lorry drivers and operators to respond to the consultation with their views.

The deadline for doing so is 3 July 2021.

Tom Cotton, RHA Policy for England and Wales, said: “The need to introduce the ban is largely as the result of the failure of Kent County Council to facilitate adequate HGV parking in the first place. Despite many years of encouragement from the RHA to do so.”