Last reviewed 18 January 2022

Two new International Standards to enhance the quality of life for older people have been developed and approved by International Standardization Organisation (ISO).

Work to produce the standards has brought together international experts from academia, industry and the public sector, who are committed to improving the quality of life for older people across the globe.

Greensleeves Care Chief Executive Paul Newman led the UK committee in four years of international collaboration to agree the standards, as well as drafting sections and editing the final version of the dementia standard.

A Framework for Dementia-inclusive Communities and General Requirements and Guidelines for an Age-inclusive Workforce join the existing ISO 25551:2021 General Requirements and Guidelines for Carer-inclusive Organizations as the pioneering standards to be developed under the “Ageing Societies” banner.

Paul Newman said the framework is the first, officially accredited standard to address the challenge of ensuring neighbourhoods are dementia-inclusive and people living with dementia can retain their independence for longer, and will “make life easier for people living with dementia and their families, wherever they live around the world”.

In addition to his professional experience in supporting people living with dementia at Greensleeves Care, he has been tackling the issue in a personal capacity for his own family.

The two new standards will be published this Spring and are available from the BSI (British Standards Institution) and ISO.

ISO 25552 Ageing Societies — Framework for Dementia-inclusive Communities is currently under development, with details available here.

ISO 25550 Ageing Societies — General Requirements and Guidelines for an Age-inclusive Workforce details are here.