Last reviewed 29 May 2020

We reported recently on the plan to re-introduce restrictions on vehicles accessing the capital that were lifted as part of the plan to deal with COVID-19 (see London Congestion Charge and LEZ reinstated).

This move has not been well received by two of the road haulage sectors major trade groups.

The Road Haulage Association (RHA) warned that the imminent reactivation of London’s vehicle charging schemes will choke the hoped-for business recovery.

Chief Executive, Richard Burnett, said: “It’s incredibly late notice and far too early to reimpose crippling levies when firms are trying to salvage what’s left of their businesses.”

He also pointed to wider RHA concerns about the plans to “reallocate” road space and the practical and economic impacts these will have on firms delivering in the capital (see “Road space reallocation must find room for deliveries”).

Meanwhile the Freight Transport Association (FTA) has expressed its own extreme disappointment at the news with its Head of Urban Policy, Natalie Chapman, agreeing that it will have a detrimental impact on the sector’s efforts to help re-start the capital’s economy.

“How are shops to be supplied, restaurants and cafes to be stocked and the rest of the capital’s economy to obtain the products it needs when those charged with delivering these needs are to be punitively taxed at a time when their own industry is in recovery?”, she asked.