Last reviewed 28 June 2022

The International Maritime Organization has published the IMDG Code Amendment 40–20 Corrigenda. The changes include:

  • edits to the Classification provisions in Part 2

  • edits to the Special provisions including a new SP399 applicable to DETONATORS, ELECTRONIC

  • changes to the DGL to reflect the addition of SP399 and also deletion of SW1 from UN 1056

  • new (combining and

  • edits to packing instructions P802, IBC08, LP622 and LP906

  • change to the dangerous goods description examples in

  • clarification to the wording for segregation in relation to foodstuffs in

  • update to the competent authority details for France, Germany and Spain in 7.9.3.

The corrigenda can be found on the IMO website.