Last reviewed 6 November 2020

EU REACH registrations held by British-based companies will carry across directly into UK REACH, legally “grandfathering” the registrations into the UK’s new regime.

UK-based holders of existing EU REACH registrations may continue the grandfathering process by providing basic information to the Health and Safety Executive by 30 April 2021. Information should be submitted using the UK REACH IT system, “Comply with UK REACH”, from 1 January 2021.

Grandfathering will apply to all registrations (including intermediates) held by GB-based entities, including importers and Only Representatives (ORs) based in Great Britain, and to sole, lead or joint registrants.

All GB-based registrations that exist at the end of the transition period, and all registrations held by GB entities at any point since 29 March 2017 will be grandfathered. This means that if a GB registration was transferred to an EU/EEA/NI-based entity in the run-up to the end of the transition period, it will still be grandfathered into UK REACH.

Grandfathering will not apply to registrations held by entities established outside of Great Britain, regardless of whether they are part of a group of companies which also has a presence in Great Britain. Those registrations will not be grandfathered, unless they have been transferred to a GB entity before the end of the transition period. Businesses are advised to consider before transferring any registrations, how it would affect operations in the EU/EEA and Northern Ireland, and their ability to access the EU/EEA and NI markets in future.

Any ECHA decisions relevant to registration(s) will remain valid.

Full details of what data to submit and associated fees at: