Last reviewed 19 January 2022

Seen by the Department for International Trade (DIT) as valuable contacts for exporters and businesses with export potential, export finance managers are regional representatives of UK Export Finance (UKEF).

Guidance to the help that they can offer is available at

This explains that they provide support with regard to: payment methods and risks; the types of finance available; trade finance (pre- and post-export); credit insurance; and foreign exchange risks.

There is no cost to exporters for seeking assistance from export finance managers.

“Speaking to an export finance manager will help you get a better understanding of your export finance requirements and, where possible, they’ll identify an appropriate solution to support your export transactions,” UKEF says.

In order for export finance managers to provide appropriate assistance, traders will need to provide information on their trading relationships and export needs and give standard financial information about their business (including audited and management accounts).

Whilst export finance managers are able to provide general export assistance, it is important to note that they neither recommend nor advise on particular transactions, products, services or providers.

They also do not advise on specific contractual matters.

Access to local advisers is available at where telephone and email details are given for export finance managers across the UK.