Last reviewed 27 January 2022

Some common user errors occurring when customers are creating Goods Movement References (GMRs) into the Goods Vehicle Movement Service (GVMS) have been highlighted by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).

When moving goods through border locations that use GVMS, operators must make sure that they get a GMR for all movements, including empties.

They must also ensure that they are entering the correct type of declaration reference which is relevant for their movement.

For exports via CHIEF or CDS (Customs Declaration Service) this is the DUCR (Declaration Unique Consignment Reference), for imports via CDS this is the MRN (Movement Reference Number) and for imports via CHIEF this is the ERN (Entry Reference Number).

For full details of which declaration types should be entered in a GMR, they should refer to

“Do not use the trailer references when entering your Vehicle Registration Number (VRN) into the GMR for an accompanied movement,” HMRC has warned, “as this means the carrier will be unable to validate your GMR. The VRN must match the vehicle presenting the GMR.”

It has also highlighted that firms must not add EU export MRNs into the GMR.

Finally, it said that declarants must ensure that RRS01 is included on their import or export declaration if their goods are being moved via a GVMS border location, otherwise the GMR will be invalid and the goods will be delayed.