Last reviewed 26 May 2021

Highways England has issued recent footage, taken on the M40 by Warwickshire Police, capturing one of over 21,000 offences recorded by officers in the Operation Tramline HGV cabs since the national safety initiative was launched six years ago.

With the driver on the phone, the lorry in the video veers over to the hard shoulder before almost steering into the Operation Tramline HGV cab alongside it. In another video captured by the force, a lorry driver is seen looking down and texting on his phone as he travels along the motorway.

We recently reported that police in Suffolk have been using a lorry to check on the behaviour of drivers of heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) in their area (see “Operation targeting HGVs detects over 350 offences”) and the Highways England HGV cabs are now being used as part of a multi-agency Week of Action on the M6, taking place from Monday 24 May to Sunday 30 May, which aims to reduce the number of incidents on the motorway and highlight the risks of dangerous driving.

Since the launch of Operation Tramline in 2015, more than 21,600 offences have been recorded. The most common offences have included: using a mobile phone — 6073; not wearing a seatbelt — 6253; not in proper control of vehicle — 1501; and speeding — 1199.

Highways England Head of Road Safety Jeremy Phillips said: “The number of people found using their mobile phone while driving is quite alarming. You are four times more likely to be in a crash if you use your phone and, if caught, face a £200 fine and six points on your licence.”